Exculisve Interview With Social Media's Finest

Houston Media Event Hosted by Lala Milan, TiTi, Kevin of Black Ink Crew, and Tokyo Vanity. Gems be sure to get the scope on this event in my "Events" tab above and go to my YouTube to check out my interview with Ms. Tokyo Vanity!

#Wakanda Outfit is This? Black Panther Premier

The rave over the #1 movie in the world is crazy dope! But what's even doper are the African inspired outfits that came with it! So many amazing patterns and vibrant colors! It was truly beautiful. What did you wear? Come along with me as I take you through the beauty of Wakanda and a little insight on my Black Panther exclusive movie premier event with Martell Cognac.

Shoes: Steve Madden


New photo shoot! Outfit deets coming soon!

Is Fashion Noca Good? Fashion Nova Review!

Basically if you have a Instagram you've heard of Fashion Nova. We've seen all the biggest celebs and fashion bloggers post about this brand, including myself. However, I know the biggest thing we all wonder.. is the hype true? So gems, I will give you give you a Fashion Nova review! I'm going to tell you all about my experience ordering from this brand and a up-close on some items I've ordered, STAY TUNED!

Fashion Nova - Kloe Slit Pants $24.99

All Things Beauty Podcast - The Emmy's

Gems! New project alert! How would you all like to see me live in action? Well its been answered! For the next few months I'll be doing my very 1st podcast. So very very excited! Check out the newest episode below. You won't regret it!

All Things Beauty Episode - 075 

Houston African Fashion Week 2017

Vibrant colors, unique prints and beautiful ladies! Had the great pleasure of being assistant stylist for Houston's very own African Fashion Week and Gems it was a blast! Check out the full post in my events tab.

Skirt & Top - Forever 21 / Shoes - Aldo

New York Fashion Week 2017

My 1st time up close and personal with New York fashion week and it was everything! Gems we'll talk Rihanna Fenty, Teyana Taylor, runway shows, Fall/Winter fashion and so much more! Full post, videos, and tons of photos to come soon! Absolutely cannot wait to share my experience with you! New York thank you!

Set - Fashion Nova, Choker - Top Shop

How to Shine This Fall.. The Thing Is To Dazzle

All things that glitter ain't gold, but your outfit can be! Step into Fall looking like a ice princess, because its all about shine. Fall 2017 highlights are going to be about sequin and shimmer! & Also gold... but we'll get into that later. Go out and get yourself a sequin jumpsuit or bedazzled gown and look like you stepped fresh off the runway!

Get The Look ♥

Top - Zara
Pant - Zara
Shoes - Top Shop
Accessories - Top Shop
Make up & Hair - Tiffany Noco
Styled by Tiffany Noco ♥  Event - Cocktails with Claire Houston

Noco Gem ♥

This month’s Gem is none other than the beautiful Zendaya! She’s the star of big Disney channel shows like “Shake It Up”, “Zapped” and hit movies “Frenemies” and “Spiderman Homecoming”. She is also the founder and owner of her newly established fashion brand DAYA by Zendaya. Her awesome clothing line features chic and urban pieces that will blow everything in your closet away! Best thing is it is all super affordable at $160 dollars or less, what a steal! Zendaya has also worked with Covergirl on their makeup brand and let’s just say the girl knows how to work a brush! Check out #FibersMascaraContest to see some looks she inspired. I love Zendaya because of her versatile style, she can be urban and edgy or red carpet photo ready at any given time. I also really adore her because she is a definitely an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement and unapologetic about it. Check her out as she graces huge magazine covers like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen Mag, and Allure just to name a few!

Houston's Hottest New Podcast Show!

Hi there Gems! I know you all love reading my amazing post and I appreciate you deeply for it! But something exciting is in the works! My brand new podcast show! Super exciting! You can watch and listen each and every Tuesday at 7:30pm on The Sphere Podcast Network. Launching in this April, trust me when I say you want to tune in!



Chasing Waterfalls

Hi there Gems! Excited to say I've had my very first of many professional photo shoot and the photos turned out amazing! Click the portfolio section to see them all and check out my events tab for details on the photography work.

Top- H&M, Skirt - Zara, Shoes - Steve Madden, Choker - Top Shop 



Fashion, Fun & POWER

The Bridge AT&T Presents POWER Meet & Greet

Had the awesome pleasure of attending a exclusive private meet and greet and chat with characters from the show. Go check out my post about meeting hit tv show POWER Stars Joseph Sikora, Rotimi Akinosho, and J.R Ramirez!

POP Topic!

Back... By POPULAR demand!

I thought I’d be much older before I seen the slide in block heel make a comeback but its 2017 and it’s here to make a re’debut! (Yes, that is a made up word O.o) Personally, I’m here for it! They’re really dress up cute with a nice dress or skirt, and gives a casual slay with a pair of jeans or distressed denim capris. Not to mention super comfy. You can find a few options amongst designer brands like Prada, Manolo, and Valentino. Also, for ones I will wear on the more affordable end check out Steve Madden, Aldo, and Call It Spring. Summers in! Gems… how to well feel about this new trend? Leave comments below. 

Your summer guide to flirting

  1. Get out of the house or from behind the work desk! If you spend every moment at work or bumming around your apartment you will never meet anyone. And no, you do not need an entourage to do so. With or without anyone get out and have some fun!
  2. Be likeable! No one not even of the same sex is going to spend time around the Debbie downer. Loosen up! Try some new things, spark conversation with strangers and join in on games you don’t know how to play. Just go for it! Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen?
  3. Look good no matter where you’re going! When you look good you feel good so you’ll give an energy of confidence that will draw people to you. Also, the easiest way to get a guy to come to you is by being irresistibly sexy. Men cannot resist a hot and confident woman. Trust me.

Well hello there,

I’m Tiffany Davis, I’m just a girl interested in exploring the world. I knew I’d have to get to this part where I have to write cool things about myself and yet still knowing this I couldn’t think of or come up with the perfect words. But that's just it, I’m not perfect! I am passionate, I am motivated and am lot of things. Things that can’t exactly be capped into words.

I started this journey so long ago as a thought and then as an idea. It grew into a dream. Finally I decided I was going to be great! Nothing and no one is going to hold me back. It’s true that there’s nothing to fear than fear itself.

So I decided. I decided that every day I was going to I step out in front of the world putting my best foot forward, without a single knowing of whether I’d be accepted or rejected. And frankly I don’t care. I traded in my shell for stilettos so many yesterday’s ago and haven’t looked back since.


Spring In!

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