Founder and CEO

Tiffany Davis

My expertise is something I've gained threw a lot of experience, I've worked many jobs and many hours dealing with people from all walks of life. I've studied, taken classes and completed internships all to get to this point right here, owning my own business. I hope through my platform I can inspire others to pursue their dreams as well, whatever they may be.


Vision. It’s probably one of the most important things ever. How do you see things, how do you see the world? I mean you. Beyond your shell that’s a body and through your soul, what do you see? It’s one of the biggest and most in-depth questions. But the answer is so important.

I have a vision, a vision to inspire the world. Inspire through confidence. See I want to touch people, things, and situations in ways that inspire them to shine bright. To push through! Everyone deserves a chance to be the highest form of themselves that they can be and some of us need a little push. Well, I’m that push. There was a time when I needed that it and I also needed a place to get. And I know what you may be thinking… seriously, by blogging? Yea. That’s right, by blogging. Because this blog is a threshold into my life, my crazy and imperfect life.

See the vision is to encourage! Encourage you to go beyond your best and live your dreams. Nothing in this world is intangible. So wear that skirt, pair it with those shoes, try that new recipe, cut off all your hair, gain a few pounds, lose a few pounds, buy a new truck, take a dope trip, own the stage at karaoke, own a business! Do it all, but be you! Be bold and be great and be beautiful and be absolutely committed to being the best you. Be 100% in love with all of you.

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