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Helloooo Gems!

Its January 15, 2018 and its MLK Day! Today is the birthday of a timeless pioneer for the black culture and we’re going to celebrate it by celebrating someone who is also putting on for the culture in our current era! But, before I jump into that, of course I can’t just skip over a tad bit of history of the great Martin Luther King Jr himself. A fearless leader of the civil rights movement who continues today to be an inspiration to people of color all over the world I give you to Gems, one of my favorite MLK quotes;

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous that sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King Jr

This quote has NEVER been more relevant in time than today, as we watch America’s president Trump ­lead the nation.

Now to jump into my honoree of MLK Day, one of my personal favorite people Issa Rae! I absolutely love her! Issa is the creator of hit HBO TV show Insecure which is based off her popular YouTube series, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl. The show is BOMB.com, it gives you a first-hand insight into the life of a socially awkward black chick who hates her job, dating life is sort of crappy, and ultimately trying to find her place in the workd. It’s amazing because it’s so relatable to things we deal with every single day but don’t always know how to talk about it or think we’re the only ones going through it. It’s a must watch show. ­

Issa created the idea of the show out of her experiences throughout grade school in Los Angles of “acting like she was white” basically by not doing or sounding like the stereotypical “ghetto black girl” which is a whole other conversation to debate. She then teamed up with Tracy Oliver, another cast member and started the series which went viral and now here she stands with her hit show. I admire Issa because of how she embraces her blackness and encourages other black people to do the same.

Although her career is just getting started, it could not be a more perfect time for her spotlight and what she is doing cannot serve a bigger purpose than now! Issa is a writer, director, actress, producer and she is a CONTENT CREATOR! This is critically important as we content creators face the controversial issues and unknown future of DACA. What she has built and made into a house hold name is mind blowing and amazing, she is the epitome of what us black bloggers, vloggers, you tubers, podcasters and so on inspire to be. She went from making these videos herself with money out her own pockets and what she could raise to having a hit TV show on the HBO network and currently working on two additional shows. Ms. Issa Rae you are truly black excellence and I just want to say “You go girl!”

My personal favorite quote from Issa Rae is “I’m rooting for everyone black.”


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