Swinging Covenants a Playwright by Renee Rivon


Swinging Covenants by Renee Rivon

Houston native Renee Rivon debuted her new play “Swinging Covenants” July 18th and Gems ya girl was there front and center anticipating the show!

Before I jump into my thoughts on the play let me introduce you to the mastermind behind the production, Renne Rivon. Renee is the executive producer, playwright and starring actress of “Swinging Covenants.” She is very established in the entertainment industry. Her background includes working with big name talents such as Vivica A. Fox, Brian McKnight, and Allen Payne to name a few. She was the playwright for two huge nationally touring stage plays “Cheaper to Keep Her” and “Marriage Material.” She in 2011 she founded SiLLy Charm Productions. Renee uses her platform to produce amazing stage plays and short films as well as for her own acting studio teaching both kids and adults.

Now let’s crack open the details of this play! First and foremost I THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT! It had all the right ingredients to keep me entertained with laughter but also drawn in with real life lessons. Renee based this play off the story of “The Dog Who Carries the Meat.” A dog carrying a piece of meat across a river discovers his reflection. He believed what he envisioned was another dog carrying a bigger piece of meat, so he goes after this more appealing piece. In the end he ends up with no meat at all.

Swinging Covenants is a romantic comedy about two couples, the first couple is Rose played by Renee Rivon and Lewis played by Derrick Brent II. Lewis and Rose have been married for seven years, Rose is highly successful and Derrick extends his love to support her journey; sounds pretty dreamy right? Well think again! The two have no children and bicker constantly, they’ve hit a bit of a rough patch in their relationship and are on different ends of what’s the cause of their problems. Things get much more heated when we learn Lewis has heart eyes for another woman, his neighbor’s wife!

Here’s where we meet our second couple John played by Greg White and Jasmine played by Relisa Franklin. John is your typical mack dady; good looking, charming and flowing in money and just as you would suspect living the player life, that is until he finds Jasmine. However although newly married to Jasmine we find that John hasn’t exactly changed his player ways when at their chaotic dinner party gives Lewis and offer he can’t refuse. It’s from that very proposal we watch the story unfold. Oh and they also have another neighbor little ol Ms. Leslie played by Sheirah Kay who puts a fantastic spin on the comedic side of this play.

Swinging Covenants was mostly definitely a great stage play! I look forward to many more projects from Renee Rivon.

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